The LLAMA (Latinos, Language, and Mexican American Studies) Lab is a psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic laboratory that examines the long-term outcomes of language brokering experiences.  We are located at 210 W. 24th Street, Gordon White Building Room 2.102J, Austin, TX, US.

To Participate in our research, please see the following:

If you’re interested in participating in a research study, then please visit our Simpybookme site and book an appointment.

If you’re in Psyc 301, then please visit the UT Psychology Sona Systems page and sign up for a timeslot.


LLAMA Lab RAs 2017-2018

LLAMA LAB 2017-2018
front row left to right (Lab Assistant Manager-Gerardo Morales Mendez & Dr. López) 2nd row (Alexis Saldaña, Lab Manager-Seiri Aragon, & Ana Mitchell Cordova) 3rd row (Katarina Antolovic, Jesus Adolfo Hermosillo, Ilse Colcahdo, Hannah McChesney) Back row (Paul Cockrum, Michael Darmawan, Alvaro Carrera)




LLAMA Lab Activities 

LLAMA lab volunteers at LASSO 2016
Latinitas College Chica Camp at UT Austin (Summer 2017)