Desiree Lama

Research Interests: The Latinx experience in the United States, cultural and ethnic identity, social behaviors and pair-bond formations in prairie voles, attachment theory, human development, bilingualism

Projects: Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation in monogamous Prairie Voles, Strange Situation Test in Prairie Voles, The role of codeswitching on cultural identity in Spanish-English bilingual communities, Race in Association with K-pop

Favorite Idiom: “There they are, speaking of the devil”

Desiree Lama is a fourth-year major in Human Development and Family Sciences major with a minor in Educational Psychology and a certificate in Applied Statistics at UT Austin. She has been a member of the LLAMA Lab since 2019 and is a research assistant in the Phelps Lab. Desiree is currently working on the CABOS project and researching behavioral mechanisms in prairie voles.